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This form is used to apply for an income tax credit and request pre-approval of an intended contribution. After completion, the form can be mailed directly to the Georgia Department of Revenue.

This form is completed by Georgia Tax Credit Scholarship Program Inc. and mailed to the taxpayer to confirm that the contribution was received by the Georgia Tax Credit Scholarship Program Inc.

This form is completed by the taxpayer and attached to their income tax return when it is filed.

Other Information Links
Georgia House Bill 325 was updated to Georgia House Bill 283 in 2013. The above link provides the text of the bill that applies to Tax Credit Scholarships starting at line 956, Section 33A through line 1195, the end of the document.
In 2018, the tuition scholarship program was updated again. See Georgia House Bill 217 for the 2019 updates. The cap was increased from $58 million to $100 million. Additionally, the funds that Student Scholarship Organizations are able to retain for administrative fees were reduced. We believe these changes are all positive and will result in more students benefiting from the program.
Link to Georgia Department of Education: This site provides a host of information about the tax credit program.
Link to Georgia Department of Revenue. This site provides access to all Georgia state tax credit forms.