Corporate Donors

Redirect Tax Dollars and Make a Difference

Your Tax Dollars, Your Choice, Our Children’s Future – YouDecide

The YouDecide Campaign is our connection with corporate donors. It is operated by Georgia Tax Credit Scholarship Program Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization based in Atlanta, GA. We are a state approved Student Scholarship Organization or SSO registered with the Department of Education to receive contributions under the Tuition Tax Credit Scholarship.

Contributors receive a “dollar-for-dollar” Georgia tax credit for contributions to the scholarship program. In turn, we provide eligible students with tuition scholarships to attend private schools in Georgia.

The objective of the campaign is to educate and inform the business community about how they can re-direct tax dollars to the scholarship program. A fully funded program will provide thousands of parents the opportunity to choose safe and effective schools for their children.


Unique Scholarship Opportunity
The YouDecide campaign provides a unique opportunity for children in your community to receive a 100% scholarship at a fully accredited Georgia private school.

These are NOT one-time scholarships. This is an on-going program that can provide scholarship funding year after year. The program is made possible through House Bill 283.

House Bill 283 provides Georgia taxpayers the option of sending their tax dollars to the State Department of Revenue or re-directing those same dollars to the YouDecide campaign. Through the YouDecide campaign, taxpayers ensure that their tax dollars are spent in a way that will directly benefit their community.

The three pillars of the campaign are:

  • YouDecide – how your tax dollars are spent.
  • YouDecide – what school best fits the needs of your child.
  • YouDecide – our children’s future.


Tax Credit Limits
C corporations – 75 percent of a corporation’s income tax liability or actual amount contributed, whichever is less.