My family and I had experienced some difficult times just like many across the country. We needed to make strong decisions to ensure our son received the best education possible. We believed our son would excel best in a military based educational environment. Receiving a scholarship from the Georgia Tax Credit Scholarship Program demonstrates to us that a lot of people believe in the quality education of children and that parents are the authority to make the best decision for their child.

We are grateful to the taxpayers who redirect to Georgia Tax Credit Scholarship Program and appreciate their support in making a difference in the education of our son as well as others. We thank you for this wonderful opportunity. We will continue to work diligently to make this program a huge success so that many others can feel the sense of hope for the future that comes from being able to provide a quality education to their child.

The Herrera Family
Because of the scholarship granted by the Georgia Tax Credit Scholarship Program, we are able to send our daughter to the private school of our choice. We are thankful to have the option to make the best choice for her academic and social needs.
The Hodges Family
We are thankful for the Georgia Tax Credit Scholarship Program. The scholarship awarded to our son has made it possible for him to thrive in a school that he loves and is better suited for his needs.
The Hall Family
The Georgia Tax Credit Scholarship Program made it possible for my child to attend a private school that I otherwise could not afford. I am thankful that my child has an opportunity to receive a quality education and will be in an environment that best suits his needs.
The Sims Family
Thank you Georgia Tax Credit Scholarship Program. Your concern for the education of children and the scholarship you provided to my daughter has been a tremendous blessing. Words cannot express how much we appreciate what you have done for our family.
The Fletcher Family
With more than one child to attend private school, the cost would prevent us from making private school attendance a possibility without the tuition tax credit program. Georgia Tax Credit Scholarship Program has made it possible for our children to receive a great education.
The Linton Family